“Six Hours of Shiner’s Revenge 2013” at Woolwine, VA

Are we having fun yet?  Hell yeah! Check out the wheel drift!

Near the end of cross country mountain bike season last year I decided to try my hand at some endurance events.  I raced ORAMM (Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell) and did well, so  I thought I would try the Six Hours of Shiner’s Revenge, a brand new race, being hosted by my friends and fellow racers, Eric and Betthney O’Connell.  You can read my full report on last year’s race at: http://weightweenieblog.com/?p=611 Having won the open 50+ race there last year, I automatically put it on my calendar for this year.  However, as the race approached I happened to notice that Eric had lowered the age bracket to 45+ to increase the size of the field.  Last time I gave up seven years but this year I would be giving up 13.  That’s a lot of age, but my...

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“SERC #10” Season Finale at Fontana Dam, NC

Jim Frith - 1st, Tom Willis - 2nd, Mark Gilliam - 3rd, and Troy Zimmerman - 4th.

Fontana Village Resort in Fontana, NC hosted the final race of the US Cup East / South East Regional Cup (SERC) series.  Besides being race #10 of the SERC series, it was also the American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) race #10 and the Southern Classic series race #12. As if the convergence of three series was not enough, it was a “mandatory” race for the SERC series.  In other words, if you wanted to compete for ranking in the series, you had to race at Fontana.  Needless to say, that brought out a big crowd.  For many of the classes, mine included, the leaders were within a point or two of each other, so everyone brought their “A-game”. A little interesting background on the venue — Fontana Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Little...

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“Tiger Rag” XC Race at Clemson, SC

Wow!  I guess there was some level ground after all!

On June 23, 2013, race 9 of the Southern Classic Series intersected the US Cup East / South Eastern Regional Championship  Series (SERC) #7 at Clemson South Carolina.  Now throw in a Georgia State Cup make up race and you have lots of the best riders throughout the southeast showing up ready to compete.  Essentially, anyone who is still in the points race for any of those three series was likely to be in attendance. Now about the course:  Last year I raced it as a Cat 3 (or beginner) rider, so I did one lap.  Since that time, USA Cycling, in their infinite wisdom has decided that I needed to be upgraded — not once, but twice — to Cat 1.  After all, I have been riding a bicycle for a whopping two years and am only halfway through my second...

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Tsali “Knobscorcher” XC Race


The US Cup East, South East Regional Cup (or SERC) Series intersected with the Southern Classic Series and the American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC) Series for what was to be a huge mountain bike race — huge in both attendance and in terms of being physically challenging. The Tsali trail system is located near Bryson City, in western North Carolina and is named for a Cherokee man who hid in this area in 1838. When the government ordered the Cherokees to move to Oklahoma (think “Trail of Tears”), Tsali and others escaped to these mountains. Later, Tsali voluntarily surrendered after receiving a promise to allow the others to remain in the area. As a result, he, his brother, and two older sons were shot and killed. Today the eastern band of the...

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2013 – 2014 Race Calendar


The following is my racing schedule for the 2103 and 2104 cross country mountain bike and cyclocross seasons:   Date Location Series / Event 1/5/2013 Raleigh, NC NCCX Series #15 1/5/2013 Raleigh, NC NCCX Series #15 1/6/2013 Fayetteville, NC NCCX Series #15 1/6/2013 Fayetteville, NC NCCX Series #15 1/20/2013 Greensboro, NC NCCX Series #15 1/20/2013 Greensboro, NC NCCX Series #15 1/27/2013 Sanford JMM Charlie Storm’s January Mountain Bike Marathon 2/2/2013 Greensboro, NC Winter Short Track Series #1 2/2/2013 Greensboro, NC Winter Short Track Series #1 2/9/2013 Greensboro, NC Winter Short Track Series #2 2/9/2013 Greensboro, NC Winter Short Track Series #2 2/16/2013 Okala, FL 6-Hours of Santos 3/31/2013 OFF WEEK 3/3/2013 Sumpter,...

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