2014 January Mountain Bike Marathon

JMBM 2 200

According to the event flyer, “This is a training event on trails and roads. Riders will be scored and assigned a placing. All Classes will start at the same time and be scored in the categories below. Use this event for early season training. This ride is longer than a normal XC race and it could be very cold.” “The middle portion of the course will be on lightly traveled, paved and dirt roads that are open to vehicle traffic. No traffic control will be provided. Participants must obey all state traffic regulations. Riders will need to dress accordingly for the weather and pace and feed themselves accordingly for the longer distance…” It’s not a race, right? Right!  At noon we had a short riders meeting explaining the course markings and...

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January Mountain Bike Marathon

On the way to the race, stopping for a little pre-race breakfast.

Charlie Storm’s annual January Mountain Bike Marathon was my first official “mountain bike” race of the 2013 Cross Country season.  It started with 6 miles of singletrack riding on trails that were partially muddy from the melting snow.  What wasn’t muddy was still frozen and covered in slushy snow.   After finishing the first single track section it was out to the roads — mostly dirt roads for 30 freezing miles, before returning for another loop on the increasingly sloppier trails.  The dirt roads were also covered with snow and ice, which melted into a muddy slush. Because it was a beautiful sunny day and was supposed to get into the 40s, I had opted for bib shorts which would have been fine were they not soaked in the...

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