2013 Brunswick Brawl 6-Hour Race, Leland, NC

Starting near the back of the pack I managed to move to the front group by the time we entered the woods.

Last year I raced the first annual 2012 Brunswick Brawl 6-Hour Race in Leland, NC (basically a suburb of Wilmington).  It was an awesome event — the staff was top-notch and the course was great.  I’ve raced a couple of hundred bike races so I have a rather seasoned perspective.  Many races while fun, are all about the promoter making a living putting on races. The Brunswick Brawl is different.  It stands out, like Shiner’s Revenge as being a different kind of race.  In both cases the promoters have gone out of their way to simply put on a great event.  Staffs are incredibly helpful and upbeat.  Races are well organized.  Great prizes and great food. I was so impressed last year that while this weekend would have been my only weekend off...

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Fully Rigid and Single Speed (Part 2)

Nearly two pounds heavier with the Fox Terralogic fork.

Okay, so I gave it a try (see my article on making my single speed Raleigh Talus Carbon Pro fully rigid).  Today I rode about 20 miles at a moderate effort today on various surfaces.  What were the pros and cons and what was the verdict? Weight.  Yes, the rigid bike was lighter — much lighter.  Rigid was 18 lbs. 6 oz.  With the Fox Float FIT Terralogic 80mm fork the bike weighs in at 20 lbs. 5 oz. for an increased weight of 1 lb. 15 oz. or a hefty weight penalty of 10.5%!  Fortunately it is static weight. Handling.  Obviously handling is a subjective thing.  Speed, on the other hand, is not subjective.  I found myself bouncing around even the mildest corners and downhills.  Cornering was somewhat slower.  Downhills were much slower.  My...

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Raleigh Talus Carbon Pro Single Speed

Raleigh SS - 4

This bike is my cross country single speed race bike. It has a twin sister that is a geared version of the same bike. Raleigh doesn’t make a single speed version of this awesome frame, nor does it come with a BB30 bottom bracket so running an eccentric is not an option. This setup replaces a rear derailleur with a Melvin tensioner. I’m running a Rotor 34t Q-ring up front and KMC hollowpin chain. Wheels are American Classic Mountain 29s, brakes are Hayes Prime, fork is the Fox Terralogic that automatically senses when to lock and unlock, crank is RaceFace Evolve, seatpost is Thompson Elite, and bars are Easton Monkey Lite Carbon. Tires are Kenda Karma 1.9″ and running tubeless. Pedals are Xpedo titanium. The bike weighs in about half a...

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