2014 January Mountain Bike Marathon

JMBM 2 200

According to the event flyer, “This is a training event on trails and roads. Riders will be scored and assigned a placing. All Classes will start at the same time and be scored in the categories below. Use this event for early season training. This ride is longer than a normal XC race and it could be very cold.” “The middle portion of the course will be on lightly traveled, paved and dirt roads that are open to vehicle traffic. No traffic control will be provided. Participants must obey all state traffic regulations. Riders will need to dress accordingly for the weather and pace and feed themselves accordingly for the longer distance…” It’s not a race, right? Right!  At noon we had a short riders meeting explaining the course markings and...

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“6 Hours of Santos” Endurance Race

6 hours of Santos

One cool thing about racing endurance races is that they are generally not broken into as many, if any, subdivisions so unless you are a young, elite rider there is virtually no pressure except what you might put on yourself. Another cool thing is that you learn a lot about yourself. Whether a half or full marathon, a century ride/race, or an epic like ORAMM (Off Road Assault on Mount Mitchell), the first two-thirds of the race is just to get you to the point that counts — that place where every sane person would quit. In a marathon, it’s called “the wall”. In a six-hour mountain bike race, it’s about hour four. The Santos race is located in north-central Florida in a sleepy little town called Ocala about an hour north of Orlando. Now if you...

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2012 Brunswick Brawl 6-Hour Race, Leland, NC

Teammate Greg Beasley and me coming around after lap two.

What could be more fun to do on a clear 72 degree day in early fall than the Brunswick Brawl mountain bike endurance race?! Hosted by Cape Fear SORBA, the event was held at the Brunswick Nature Park in Leland, North Carolina, the sight of the club’s newly improved mountain bike trail system. I know what you’re thinking: “How can you have a mountain bike race at the beach?” Well trust me, you can. With altitudes ranging from 29 feet above to 135 feet below sea level, it is hardly the Blue Ridge Parkway. While it’s true that the climbs were not exactly like those in Fontana, Tsali, Danville, or ORAMM, there was still more climbing than you would expect for a course at the beach. I was surprised to look at my Garmin file when I was done and see that...

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