2013 NCCX Series, Week 5

Pinehurst 25 200

This weekend was a busy two-days of racing, all at what is arguably one of the best cyclocross courses in the series.  Best and worst at the same time.  Best in that it threw everything at you.  Worst in that you were just plain going to hurt.  I am convinced that the course was designed by some seriously sadistic individuals — although I think some of them may have actually raced it so maybe they are masochistic. The course had sand, grass, sand, pavement, sand, single track, sand, pine straw, sand, mud, and did I say sand?  Maybe that’s why the venue is named Sandhills Community College.  The climbs had ankle deep sand, the descents had sand, there were level-ish 100 yard stretches of 6-8” deep sand.  Corners were sandy.  And then, if...

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“Uwharrie XC Festival” Race at Troy, NC

Randy Shields (left) leading the way. I'm still in 3rd place prior to my mechanical.

The first Sunday in June was the Southern Classic Series race # 7 held in the Uwharrie National Forest near Troy, North Carolina.  The Uwharrie National Forest is a federally designated national forest located in the Uwharrie Mountains with a total area of over 50,000 acres.  The thick canopy of pine and oak make for a lot of shade but also hold in the humidity and stop any breezes, making for a steamy race. The Uwharrie trails are some of my favorite trails anywhere and have a great mix of technical elements, climbing, and long stretches of rutted jeep trails where you are either grinding up slow, steady climbs or bombing down long gradual descents.  The trail surfaces range from hard packed dirt, to loose gravel, to a couple of sections that are just...

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2012 Brunswick Brawl 6-Hour Race, Leland, NC

Teammate Greg Beasley and me coming around after lap two.

What could be more fun to do on a clear 72 degree day in early fall than the Brunswick Brawl mountain bike endurance race?! Hosted by Cape Fear SORBA, the event was held at the Brunswick Nature Park in Leland, North Carolina, the sight of the club’s newly improved mountain bike trail system. I know what you’re thinking: “How can you have a mountain bike race at the beach?” Well trust me, you can. With altitudes ranging from 29 feet above to 135 feet below sea level, it is hardly the Blue Ridge Parkway. While it’s true that the climbs were not exactly like those in Fontana, Tsali, Danville, or ORAMM, there was still more climbing than you would expect for a course at the beach. I was surprised to look at my Garmin file when I was done and see that...

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