Why I’m a Weight Weenie

weight weenie

Okay, I’ll admit it… I’m a weight weenie, and I’m proud of it. The reason is really pretty simple: I race mountain bikes and I like to win. I don’t like losing. And winning a bicycle race depends on having the best combination of technical skills, effective power, and luck on any given day. Here is the problem. Luck is largely uncontrollable, although it is amazing how much luckier those who are best prepared tend to be. Technical skills are acquired very slowly and over years of riding and consistent practice. That leaves only one element that can be readily manipulated: effective power. All power is not equal. Think about it. A semi truck engine might produce 700 horsepower and a new sports car might produce 350 horsepower. Which one...

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What Does Electronic Data Rooms Signify

The primary thing from the data interaction is to fix the trouble of acquiring the data from a place A into a point H without mistakes, using sites with the matching coding due to the tranny. For this all of us employ secure virtual data room that build the union between points A and B. By these types of points would be the appliances transmitters and info receivers and their conversion programs in charge of coding and decoding. The online data room carry out not answer or respond to the content material belonging to the info. In a data room service, the train station that transports at the time is termed the expert station, as well as the station this receives is referred to as a servant. In a virtual dataroom, the primary rail station controls mainly...

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2014 January Mountain Bike Marathon

JMBM 2 200

According to the event flyer, “This is a training event on trails and roads. Riders will be scored and assigned a placing. All Classes will start at the same time and be scored in the categories below. Use this event for early season training. This ride is longer than a normal XC race and it could be very cold.” “The middle portion of the course will be on lightly traveled, paved and dirt roads that are open to vehicle traffic. No traffic control will be provided. Participants must obey all state traffic regulations. Riders will need to dress accordingly for the weather and pace and feed themselves accordingly for the longer distance…” It’s not a race, right? Right!  At noon we had a short riders meeting explaining the course markings and...

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2013 NCCX Series, Week 9

Greensboro 5 200

For the third time this season, we’ve had a double race weekend.  Races 12 and 13 were scheduled on Saturday and Sunday, both in the Triad.  Saturday’s race was in Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem and Sunday’s race was in Bur-Mil Park in Greensboro.  I’ll recap them one at a time. Race #12 — Saturday, January 4, 2014 at Winston Salem, NC. This is my third season to race cyclocross and my first race at this venue.  Tanglewood Park is a large park sprawling across beautiful rolling hills of central North Carolina.  If you were a roadie, this was a perfect race for you.  It is what some refer to as a power course. The course consisted of very little climbing, very little cornering, very little in the way of technical elements, and lots of long...

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Buy It From Your Local Bike Shop

SRAM PC 1071 chain, showing list price of $69.99.  The name of the local bike shop has been whited out so as not to embarrass them.

Over the last few years I’ve spent a lot of money buying, building, and fixing my various bikes.  Too much money, really.  But if you have to have a vice, I guess one that makes you healthy is the best kind to have.  And being a local business owner, I always try to shop locally if possible. As I began writing this article, I decided to check Quicken to find out exactly how much I’d spent.  I was astounded to find that I’d spent $33,239 supporting this addiction of mine over the last three years or so.  Fortunately I’ve sold quite a few bikes and lots of extra parts.  I also pulled up the receipts from the two local bicycle shops that I try to support, although truthfully one has received the bulk of my business. Again, I was surprised to learn that...

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2013 NCCX Series, Week 8

Hendersonville 9 200

Week number eight of the North Carolina Cyclocross series took us to Hendersonville, North Carolina for the only UCI race of the series.  Because it was a UCI race the turnout was larger than normal.  In fact it was the US Grand Prix race as well as the next to the last race in the UCI cyclocross series.  What made it even more important is that in the Pro field, the top three ranked riders were all within a few points. Sunday’s pro race had over 48 riders registered when a normal pro field is 20 or so riders.  All the fields were deep.  Laura Rice of Henderson County Parks and Recreation, which hosts the event each year, said there were 331 finishers on Saturday, and 330 finishers on Sunday.  When you consider that only 34 finished (or 70% of the pro...

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2013 NCCX Series, Weeks 6&7

Salisbury Podium 2 - 200x200

Week Six: Wilkesboro Week six of the North Carolina Cyclocross (NCCX) Series had us in Wilkesboro, North Carolina for what is by many accounts, the most physically demanding course of the season.  The shortest lap so far this season with only 1.2 miles per circuit compared to the others at between 1.6 and 1.9 miles. The average temperature was 33 degrees! It was true cyclocross weather… whatever that is?!  I think that is cycling code for miserable, but I’m still new so that’s just a wild guess.  Cold and it felt even colder because the wind was blowing 15-20 miles per hour.  It was definitely an embrocation day. The course this year was easier than last year but that’s not saying much.  It was still very physically demanding with lots of climbing,...

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